Sunday, 18 April 2010

Jenny: The real question is, how are you?
Dan: Me? Why wouldn’t I be okay?
Jenny: You know, at the end of the night with Serena and the…
Jenny does an awkward wave.
Dan: Was it really that bad?
Jenny gives him a sympathetic look.
Dan: She probably thinks I hate her now. I’ve waited my entire adolescent life for a date with this girl. You know, Serena van der Woodsen! And I decided to close the evening with a wave.
Jenny: It was a nice wave.
Dan: At the end of a date? Come on - there’s no such thing. You only get one shot with a girl like Serena! I got my shot, and I blew it.
Jenny: Which means you have nothing to lose.
Dan: Yeah, except my last shred of dignity.
Jenny: Oh, no. I think that’s gone.

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