Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Take it all

Didn't I give it all?

Gave you everything I have, everything I know ledged

Didn't I do it right? Let you know

Maybe you got too used to or havent been around

Still how can you walk away my...

It's gonna be an empty room but I'm right here

Gonna take it, take it all to you

Don't look back this

Just take it all am I alone, take it all am I alone?

Maybe I should leave to nothing is better and this is everything we need

So is it over? Is it really, giving up so easy

I though you loved me more than this!!

Just take it all and my love, take it all and my love

I'll, so down and ring it

If only you knew everything I do it is for you

But don't leave take it, take it all you

Don't look back cause there's nobody home, just take it all with you

Don't look back at this stronger just take it up in my love

Take it all in my love.

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